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190101 Tuesday — MURB Hack-9-Hack

This is MURB's Hack-9-Hack page. It provides a patched Hack-9 file which will make the game Hack-9 easier to play though success will be less le­gi­ti­mate.

In short, the patched file is a cheat intended primarily for beginners and others who'd like to take a look at the Hack-9 world.

MURB says:

In the year 2008, the Japanese de­vel­op­er BLACK BASTARD (wahiko94) released a modification of the hit independent side-scrolling computer and now video game Cave Story.

This modification was named Hack9, and though it definitely borrowed heavily from Cave Story in terms of physics and, to a lesser degree, certain graphics, was a distinct game unto it­self.

Interesting and impressive though it was, the game was nigh impenetrable for non-Japanese speaking gamers.

Only recently, as of the year 2018, has Hack9 become available in an officially sanction­ed English translation. It can be found on the fol­low­ing page:

There's an English README file at this link. The developer's home page is:

One thing folks will note upon encountering Hack9 is that it's a very dif­fi­cult game.

There's a le­gi­ti­mate way to make the game easier, but this comes at a sig­ni­fi­cant time cost.

Both the HP and MP stats of the main character of the game — named Snort after the net­work­ing utility of the same name — can be boosted using items provided by a vendor who ap­pears in the first area of the game.

Alas, obtaining the in-game money to get these items involves sig­ni­fi­cant time cost to grind out the neces­sary in-game yen to obtain them.

Ordinarily, one accumulates these yen by playing, but being a video game player of no par­tic­u­lar skill or patience I felt that I would need those items first in order to play the game

Presented with this chicken or the egg prob­lem, I de­vel­op­ed a dif­fer­ent idea: what if I hacked the Hack9 save file to give myself the currency need­ed, straight out of the game, to buy out the item vendors?

Many exploits tainted with ineptitude, idiocy, and inadequacy later, along with help with tool dev­el­op­ment from a re­spect­ed mentor who is making this file available to you on his server...

OldCoder says, Shucks, t'weren't nothing

... I managed to achieve my goal and create a save file with an astronomical amount of money, progressed to just shortly after the very beginning of the game.

One is spared a bit of exposition and the tedium of having to procure both starting items and the 198 items available from the vendor in the first area of the game that boost HP and MP, already pre-applied (because using 198 items is exceedingly tedious).

For those who want to play Hack9 with this file, please be warned that it will probably suck most, but not all, of the challenge out of the experience of playing it.

If you'd like to try the file, proceed as follows:

* Exit the game.

* Your existing GAME_DATA.DAT file should be located in the same folder as hack9.exe. Rename the file to some­thing like GAME_DATA.OLD. Or just delete it, but this is riskier.

* Click here to download

* Unpack the ZIP file in the same dir­ec­tory as hack9.exe. This should create a new copy of GAME_DATA.DAT.

* Play the game.

* To get the orig­in­al mode back, exit the game, delete the new copy of GAME_DATA.DAT, and copy the renamed copy back to GAME_DATA.DAT.

OldCoder adds:

You can down­load the binary-file utility men­tion­ed above, or browse the source code, at the fol­low­ing link:

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